One Dollar Curry Restaurant to make kids smile in Japan

Most children love curry in Japan. Japanese curry is called “Curry Rice”. It’s always served with rice. The hot is not nearly as spicy as Thai or Indian curry. One restaurant started offering 1 dollar curry to children.

The curry restaurant is Santa Claus Tei located in Kita Kyushu in southern Japan. Saturday is a special day. The restaurant has a uniq discount ticket system. The actual curry price is 300 yen (3 dollars) . If children help cleaning public parks in town or the restaurant, they can get 200 yen (2 dollars) discount tickets. The second serving is free. Children can eat as much as they want.

santa claus curry restaurant in kitakyushu

The restaurant owner had seen many children with single parent. Most of them stay alone at night and weekend. He also knows that single mothers are more likely to live in poverty than single fathers because finding job is much more difficult for single mothers .The owner wanted to help children and single mothers.  Santa Claus Tei opens only 3 hours a day because most of the staff are single mothers. They just work 9:00 to 17:00 and there is no night shift. So they have enough time to take care of their children.

The owner is planning to extend the business by a franchise chain system so that the business helps more children and single mothers.

Source: nishinippon

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